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Webtoon promo code

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Many fans from USA of comics have most likely seen the words "Webtoon” or "Webcomic", but not everyone knows the difference between them. If you are reading this article, then you are the one who is interested in their differences. A webcomic is a common, familiar to many book comics, which has been digitized in a special way and can now be read on the Internet. This type of comic book contains a classic page-turning model (right, left) and is not optimized for modern gadgets. It is also worth noting that they support the classic color scheme (black and white). Webtoon, on the contrary, is adapted for various mobile devices and is made in color. Pages in these comics are scrolled vertically, which is more familiar and convenient when using phones.

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The appearance of Webtoon

This word originally appeared in Korea in 2000, it was in this year that the first version of Webtoon was presented to fans of comics. Almost all comics before the advent of Webtoon were developed for personal computers (laptops) and had a horizontal layout, but Webtoon offered users a vertical layout, which became an innovation in this industry.
In the same year, after the presentation of the first version of Webtoon, many users began to independently develop and distribute their comics directly on the Internet, which was an innovation for that time, since they had previously been published in various magazines or articles.
With the development of technology and the Internet in particular, Webtoon began to gain more and more popularity among users. Daum and Naver portals were among the first to notice the growing popularity of Webtoon and invested quite a lot of money in this direction. This decision was very successful, because they managed to achieve great success, as well as a large profit, which several times exceeded their wildest expectations.