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The main task of a car windshield is to protect drivers and its passengers. At the same time, it protects not only from dust, dirt, water and other factors, but also significantly reduces the risk of injury in car accidents. The windshield during an accident (impact) does not allow foreign objects to get inside the car and injure passengers, it also reduces the load on the roof of the car during rollover, which prevents it from deforming and causing injury. At the same time, it also performs a certain role when the airbags are triggered.

Violation of the integrity (cracks, chips, etc.) of the windshield deteriorates its protective properties, and also causes some discomfort when retribution, which can directly cause an accident. That is why it is necessary to regularly check the integrity of the windshield, because we are talking about the safety of not only the driver, but also his passengers. In case of detection of a violation of the integrity of the glass (chips, cracks and other damage), it is necessary to contact the insurance company or directly to specialists who will repair or replace it.

Certain types of damage can be eliminated without replacing the windshield, using various modern materials and methods, which significantly speeds up the repair time. Certain insurance companies allow repairs to be carried out instead of replacing the windshield, since this procedure is cheaper, but at the same time the glass meets all the requirements imposed on it.

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Windshield Replacement FAQ

When repairing the windshield of a car, it is necessary to take into account that in some cases it is inefficient or illegal to do repairs. It is not recommended to repair cracks that come from the edge of the glass, since such cracks (even after repair) in most cases continue to increase. It is also worth considering that in some US states it is prohibited to repair cracks and chips on the windshield in the driver's field of view, since certain factors may arise during repair (blurring, distortion, and others) that will increase the risk of an accident due to poor visibility.

The windshield repair process is quite complex and requires special tools, materials, and skills. In stores, you can buy everything you need for self-repair, but given that poor-quality repairs can increase the risk of an accident, as well as reduce the safety of the driver and passengers of the car in case of an accident, it is better to entrust these works to professional craftsmen. The price of car glass repair varies and depends on the type and complexity of the damage, as well as directly on the location of the service provider. The price for the removal of chips and cracks is about the same ($ 60-100), but for the removal of long cracks, you can pay more than 125.

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