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By donating blood plasma, you can not only help people, but also receive special discount coupons. CSL Plasma has coupons for $20, $10 and $5, which are provided to everyone who donated their plasma to people in need.
- CSL Plasma coupon for $20 (with repeated donation).
This coupon can be received by all eligible donors (except CSL Plasma employees). A reward of $10 is provided for the first donation. There is also an additional reward of $10 for repeated plasma donation within 30 days after the first donation. In order to take advantage of this offer, you need to download and print the coupon and present it to CSL Plasma employees. At the end of the procedure, it will be activated and you can use it.

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CSL Plasma FAQ

- For $10 (for new donors).

Donors who decided to donate their blood for the first time can receive up to $10 (except CSL Plasma employees). At the first donation, the donor receives only $5. To receive an additional $5, you need to donate blood again within 330 days after the first donation.

Why is blood plasma so important?

Plasma is about 55% of human blood. It contains erythrocytes, leukocytes and platelets, which perform various functions. It is a necessary element in the treatment of unusual and life-threatening diseases and consists of 90% water (10% are other various elements). Such diseases include: hemophilia, various immunological disorders, blood diseases and other fairly rare diseases. That is why blood plasma is a necessary element for the salvation of human beings. It recovers quickly enough and you can take it once every 2 weeks. Phone: +18065135903